IMPORTANT NOTE: The Archives Hub Linked Data available here was produced by the Jisc funded LOCAH project dating back to 2010. Unfortunately it has not been possible to update the data since 2013. The data should only be used for test and example purposes as it may change substantially and cannot be relied upon. The Archives Hub is hoping to produce up to date production level data at some point in the future, but at this time it is not possible to indicate if or when this will happen.

Welcome to the LOCAH Linked Archives Hub project page.

Find out more about the project on our About Locah page.

Linked Archives Hub Test Dataset

The dataset describes archives held by UK institutions. The data is derived from a sample of the archival finding aids held by the UK Archives Hub.

Please note: at this time, the dataset should be considered unstable, and its content may change substantially at any time without warning.


Locah Blog

The Locah Blog provides a detailed account of the project, covering data modelling, use of vocabularies, URIs, issues and challenges.

Locah Resources

The SPARQL endpoint for the dataset is: http://data.archiveshub.ac.uk/sparql.

A query box for trying out SPARQL queries is available at http://data.archiveshub.ac.uk:8000/test/

An RDF dump of the dataset is available: http://data.archiveshub.ac.uk/dump/

The Archives Hub EAD to RDF XSLT stylesheet is available: http://data.archiveshub.ac.uk/ead2rdf/.


The URIs for resources described in the dataset follow the following pattern:


Linked Data Views

These are examples of our front end interfaces for the Linked Data


Vocabularies Used

The data references terms from (amongst others) the following RDF vocabularies:



The LOCAH Linked Archives Hub data and content is licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 licence.


NB: Archives repository postcode data kindly supplied by The National Archives Archon Directory